Learn To Row

Academy of the Holy Names Learn To Row

Interested in the sport of rowing after watching the Tokyo Olympics?  The Academy of the Holy Names Rowing Club is sponsoring a Learn to Row event for interested rowers on August 7th at the Julian B. Lane Boathouse.  Come learn more about the sport of rowing from our District and State Champion coaches, rowers and coxswains.  


Date:  August 7th from 7:30 - 9:00 AM

Contact: ahnrcpresident@gmail.com


What is LTR?

Learn to Row (LTR) classes are geared toward those with either no experience or those who need a refresher course. It doesn't matter if you are a Freshmen or Senior; all you need is a desire to learn and have fun. 


During class, participants will learn about the different types of rowing equipment and rowing vocabulary (yes, rowers have own own language!). It can be useful to begin by learning the basics of the rowing stroke on an ergometer, or erg.

As far as what to wear, a typical gym outfit of a t-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes is all that you will need.

Why Rowing?

Did you know that rowing is a great calorie burner? Research has shown that rowing burns calories faster than biking at the same perceived level of exertion. In other words, it feels easier to burn more calories while rowing than while biking. Rowing is a smooth, rhythmic motion that is impact free. Rowing exercises all major muscle groups and provides aerobic conditioning, as well as strength conditioning. Best of all, rowing is fitness for life!

Oh, by the way, you will make some great friends along the way